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LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling)

Feb 1, 2025
8:00 am

ROE #3 Professional Development Center
1500 W Jefferson St
Vandalia, IL 62471

Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) helps teachers apply the Science of Reading research into classroom practice allowing them to teach language and literacy skills to every student, no matter the curriculum or program the district uses. 


How LETRS transforms literacy instruction:

LETRS supports educators with the how, what, and why of literacy achievement, providing evidence-based strategies in all areas of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and written language, which all converts research into practice. The course teaches the how, what, and why of literacy acquisition to improve instructional practice and achieve long-term systemic change in literacy instruction.  LETRS for elementary educators is an investment in teachers' literacy knowledge and professional practice that is agnostic and enhance any current literacy program. Teachers gain essential knowledge and skills to master the fundamentals of literacy instruction required to apply and transform student learning. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Designed for educators in K-5, regardless of the current curriculum or program the district uses (agnostic)
  • Provides deep knowledge to be literacy and language experts in the science of reading to transform student learning
  • Accredited by the International Dyslexia Association®
  • A two-year comprehensive professional learning program for elementary educators that teaches the HOW, WHAT, and WHY of literacy acquisition
  • Independent learning is 1 - 1.5 hours per week including the classroom application & following each 8-week unit, there is a professional learning day as a cohort
  • The professional learning days can be full days or half-day (3-hour sessions).  There are 8 total PD days- 4 each year.
  • Participants can receive up to 12 hours of graduate level course credits through Lexia’s partnership with the American College of Education

This cohort will begin August 5, 2024 and end May 16, 2025. The in person training dates will be held at the ROE #3 Professional Development Center on October 1st, December 3rd, March 4th, and May 6th. The cost to attend this training is $500 and will include the LETRS Participant Materials Bundle (Print + License - this is a $399 value) and lunch for the 4 in person attendance days. Each participant who completes Volume 1 will receive 87 PD hours.