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Job Openings

Superintendent of Schools

Pana, IL - Full Time


**Must have Illinois Superintendent Endorsement**

1. Minimum of an M.S. in school administration with a valid Illinois professional educator license (PEL).

2. At least two years experience as an administrator or supervisor in public schools, the State Board of Education, education service regions, or in certain approved non-public schools.

3. 2 - 4 yrs. previous experience in an educational setting, preferably in a teaching role. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.

4. Establish and maintain effective and courteous working relationships with those contacted in the course of work (students, parents, and staff).

5. Ability to understand and follow basic oral and written instructions.

6. Ability to communicate to students, parents, and staff in an acceptable/courteous manner



1. Oversee the total school operations (building, curriculum, budget, extra-curricular programs, staffing, non-professional personnel, student behavior).

2. The Superintendent is the coordinator of District-wide functions.

3. Administering, or causing to be administered, all rules, regulations, and policies of the Board of Education.

4. Establishes and prepares meeting agendas, presents items for consideration to the Board, and responds to inquiries from the Board.

5. Manages a staff of administrators including the Assistant Superintendents, Directors, and Principals.

6. Directing personnel without exceeding the scope of established Board policies.

7. Provides goal setting with the Board and staff.

8. Preparation of regular and special reports to the Board on matters pertaining to school finance, administration, curriculum, personnel, and public relations.

9. Responds to staff and community regarding questions or problems about school operations.

10. Recommends policy and program decisions to the Board.

11. Make regular building visits.

12. Recommending to the Board the selection of all textbooks and education materials and courses of study.

13. Monitors the terms of the contract with the teacher’s association to ensure no violations.

14. Developing or causing to be developed a school curriculum and educational programming that meets the legal requirements and conforms to Board policies.

15. Recommending to the Board a levy, school budget, and operating the schools within the adopted levy and budget limits.

16. Recommending or causing to be recommended all personnel to the Board for employment.

17. Acting as a mediator in settling intra-school differences.

18. Seeing that proper and adequate records are kept in all departments, such as finance, student accounting, property, policies, etc.

19. Recommending a school calendar for the ensuing year for Board approval.

20. Assigning teachers to their positions and making such transfers from one position to another as well as promoting the interests of each school after consultation with the administrative staff.

21. Setting up a schedule for district-wide in-service training of both professional and nonprofessional employees.

22. Devising a system and participating in the annual evaluations of administrators, teachers, and nonprofessional employees.

23. Developing sound and ongoing public relations, involving the media, civic organizations, and other community groups. The Superintendent shall involve the administrators, teachers, students, and Board members in the presentation of the school to its public.

24. Preparing or causing the preparation and submission of all reports requested by the state agencies, which have jurisdiction over schools.

25. Ensures compliance with appropriate State and Federal constitutional and statutory rules and regulations.

26. Keeping abreast of current trends in education and striving to upgrade the curricular offerings and the instructional and nonprofessional staff.

27. Attends various organizational meetings outside the district. (I.e. Special Education Cooperative, Economic Development, Professional Associations, etc.)

28. Keeping alert to sources of funds which will cause the upgrade of curricular offerings at all times.

29. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Board of Education.

30. Coordinate and help administer the operations of the District’s Educational Foundation.



The following documents should be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on March 14, 2024

1. Letter of Application

2. Resume

3. Job Application

4. Three (3) Letters of Reference

5. Copy of Transcripts

6. Proof of Licensure



Mail or Email Mr. Kyle Anderson, School Board President

Pana Community Unit School District #8

14 East Main Street - P. O. Box 377

Pana, IL 62557





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